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FreeRider offers you electric bikes for rent in one of the most beautiful areas of Romania, Câmpulung Muscel, one that is recognized for its cycling routes. Whether you’re a beginner or a high level of technique, electric bikes will carry you on the highest heights and give you the chance to put your effort as you want. We also organize bicycle tours in this area.

Rent a ebike in Romania: location

We are located just 160 km from Bucharest (on the highway and the newly-paved national road) and 80 km from Brașov (on the national road), so you can reach us in a very short time (see at the bottom of the article). Next to us you cand find the famous Bran Castle and Piatra Craiului National Park.

E-bikes for rent in Romania

Our Haibike Electric 2019, hardtail or full-suspension models are equipped with 250W Yamaha or Bosch engines and can sustain you pedaling up to a speed of 25 km/h. They offer 4 levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, of which the first supports 50% and the last, Turbo mode, 300%.

1 Haibike Sduro 1.0, size S, Yamaha engine, 27.5 inch wheels, 400 Wh accu, hardtail
1 Haibike Sduro 1.0, size S, Yamaha engine, 27.5 inch wheels, 400 Wh accu, hardtail
1 Haibike Sduro 1.0, size M, Yamaha engine, 29 inch wheels, 400 Wh accu, hardtail
1 Haibike Sduro 1.0, size L, Yamaha engine, 29 inch wheels, 400 Wh accu, hardtail
1 Haibike Xduro HardSeven, size M, Bosch engine, 27plus wheels, 500 Wh accu, hardtail
1 Haibike Sduro FullNine 4.0, size M, Yamaha engine, 29 inch wheels, 500Wh accu, full-suspension
1 Haibike Sduro FullSeven LT, size M, Yamaha engine, 27.5 inch wheels, 500 Wh accu, full-suspension
1 Haibike Xduro AllMTN 7.0, size M, Bosch engine, 27plus wheels, 500Wh accu, full-suspension

Renting a ebike will cost you 32 euro/day. For full-suspension bikes, the price is 39 euro/day.

What kind of trails can I choose?

There are both easy-level trails and trails that carry you on the heights of the mountains. For example, if you are a beginner, you can choose to pedal to Cuca Chalet, 25 km away, at the foot of Mount Iezer. You will have 70% asphalt, on a not very busy road, you will reach the Râuşor Dam, then the Voina Chalet. From there, the rest of the road is a light forest road that will take you through beautiful landscapes to Cuca Chalet.

Also at beginner level, you can choose to visit the highest hill in Romania, Măţău, at an altitude of just over 1,000m. You can also choose a picturesque path to the local trout or visit isolated villages along with Mateiaş’s career.

If you want to pedal a little further, the Dâmboviţa Keys will show you spectacular scenery, the walk around is an experience in itself.

Those who want higher level differences can easily climb up to 1,200 meters to Strâmtu, Dobriaşul Mare or even higher up to the Piscul Calului. Those who really want to feel the summit of the mountain can pedal to Mount Iezer, where they will reach an altitude over 2,000 meters. Leaota, with its superb landscapes, is also nearby.

All these routes are checked and secure, and the battery is strong enough to take you to the mentioned areas and return.

What can I see in the area?

Câmpulung Muscel is a very diverse and old one. You can start with the Jidova Roman Castrum to return 2000 years ago, the Negru Voda church, the Mătău – the highest hill in Romania, the Râuşor Dam, the Mateiaş stone quarry and Mateiş Mausoleum, and you can continue on the mountain to the peaks of Iezer, at over 2,000 meters altitude, on simple, technically arranged or forest paths along the rivers. It all depends on you, we advise you with great pleasure.

If we need a guide?

Of course, it is possible, but you will have to tell us in advance. If you choose to pedal yourself or with your friends, we will provide you with information relevant to the route you want to choose. If you need a guide, one of FreeRider’s members will come with you to explain to you at large what landscapes are shown to you, which are the mountains that appear to us in the path and, in general, area information. If you want, we’ll provide you with a state-of-the-art Bryton GPS with the loaded routes so you can be sure you’re on the right track. The cost for the GPS is 25 lei/day (5.5 euro). If you do not want to rent a GPS device, we can mark your waypoints on Google Maps (usable on your smartphone).

But if I want to sleep for one night?

We can offer you accommodation, and in the morning you also have our breakfast. Accommodation is made in separate rooms, in double, matrimonial beds (1.6m x 2.0m).

All right, how much does it cost?

Price per person:

Weekend / weekly price: 140 lei (32 euro) / bicycle / day (for full-suspension 39 euro/day)

Extra night + breakfast: +100 lei (23 euro)/person, regardless of the variant chosen, during the weekend. During the week the accommodation costs 80 lei (18 euro)/person, with breakfast on the house.

Everything clear! What to do next?

Send us an email with reservation on echipa@freerider.ro, tell us how many people are talking about and the period. Also, tell us if you want to be accompanied or not, or if you want accommodation.

Location (please contact us before coming because we are not permanently at the place – thanks!)